I simply share my reality with you!

Who I Am


Conscious thought is the control factor of life, not circumstances.

Life becomes how we choose to see, hear, smell, touch and experience circumstances.

Circumstance simply allows one to practice conscious thought.

We are conscious thought.

Our life is the response to our conscious thought.

Congratulations, we all woke up to this morning.

Life is choice! Not circumstance!

Have More Fun!

My Picture depository for Mom (your welcome), and the World.


I only know life by what I Am.


Starting out where and when I did, is the same story everyone gets to tell. I have been told through my life, that I have the ability to share a story well.
I hope you enjoy the way I tell mine!

I have chosen to simply be as much of me, as I Am willing to be. I hope that my willing to simply be what I Am truly, changes everything.

Mission statement –   
I Am the possibilities by Being.
I Am Love unconditionally by Being.
I Am understanding unconditionally by Being.
I Am control unconditionally by Being.
I Am Laughter unconditionally by Being.
Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Profile –   Mark Kapla
If you force air out of your lungs, over your vocal cords and pronounce these symbols together M A R K E D W A R D K A P L A  this is what others have referred to me as for over 50 years. This is in NO Way who I Am.
And here we go…

Where do I go from here

  • Science
  • Religion
  • Magnetism 
  • Light Spectrum Limitations
  • Energy

100 years ago they did not know about germs. What will we KNOW 100 years from now?

Who I Am ??

My Experience!?


LOL, How Do I Even Start?

  • Son 
  • Brother 
  • Father 
  • Grandson 
  • Grandfather
  • Nephew 
  • Friend 
  • Neighbor 
  • Coworker 
  • Motivational Counselor 
  • Piece of God
  • That only includes the past 50+ years.

My Skill Set


Simply put, I have the ability to do and secede at any endeavor I choose to engage in. Intelligent enough to understand this much about this thing we call life. I don’t know what I don’t know!

My Passions

Snorkeling in Key Largo Florida.

Changing the Universe! 

Even Einstein misunderstood Quantum Physics.

So relax and don't take it personally.

We are all things


Strength is.

Your Perception becomes your reality.

Life is Choice


We are the thoughts we choose. 

  Intentionally Choose Happy.

Love Yourself


Magic lives inside. 

Learn inside to play outside.